Computer Recycling and the Importance of Data Protection

While people might think that throwing away their computer is enough to destroy everything, they will be surprised to see what is left behind. That is why it is vital to undertake computer recycling to ensure the safe destruction of your computer and all its data.

What is Computer Recycling?

In its most basic form, computer recycling is the process of reprocessing and reusing computer,  laptops and servers. It is recycled in two ways:

  1. The components of the computers, such as the monitors, screen, motherboards, keyboard and so forth, are reused for other computer products.
  2. The materials which make the computer, such as cadmium, silicon, lead, and mercury, are stripped off and reused in future.

The question that comes with computer recycling is: “why do it?” Due to the components and materials of electronic products, it is supremely difficult to breakdown and is harmful to the environment. By recycling these devices, you reduce the landfills and health the ecosystem of the planet. However, you have to consider the data of your computers before destroying them.

Destroying Your Data Before Disposing Of It

One of the biggest concerns that come with recycling your computer is the privacy of your data. While destroying a computer will eliminate all forms of data, merely erasing it will not cover you in all cases. Sometimes people can gain access to hidden files deep within the computer and could get access to your data. It is vital that you take all the avenues to delete all ounces of your data before handing it off.

Professional E-Waste Computer Recycling

However, if you are concerned about deleting your data in your computer, a professional electronic recycling company can help you. They have multiple methods to guarantee that your data is eliminated. If your computer is going to be destroyed and its material components reused, then physical destruction might be used. However, if the parts of the computer are in excellent condition and will be reused, then they will do a complete software erasement to guarantee data destruction.

The Electronic Reusing Association (ERA) is a non-profit organization that has been reducing unnecessary electronic waste since 2004. Our mission is to protect the environment and build up communities by repurposing old electronics and donating computers, laptops, and other IT Equipment to deserving organizations in need of funding and support. We have drop-off locations in the US and Canada. For more information, call our Toll Free line on 1877-9EWASTE.