How to Decide What Laptop to Buy

Deciding on buying a laptop is not easy. There are a lot of factors to consider, and it can be quite a hard decision to make. Here is what you should consider when buying a laptop.

Key Factors To Consider When Buying A Laptop

  • Consider the size
    When it comes to laptops: size matters. The bigger the laptop, the heavier it will be. The lighter, the easier it will be to carry around. It all comes down to what you prefer. When it comes to laptop recycling it, it is much easier to dispose of a small laptop than a large one. Just something to consider.  
  • Screen Quality
    Since you will be staring at your laptop for hours, you want to make sure that the screen is of the highest quality possible. Look at the resolution of the screen and the size of it. The sharper and larger, the better for your eyes.
  • The Keyboard
    If you are going to be typing all day, you are going to need a soft keyboard that is not too crammed in with every key and has a tremendous bounce-back rate.
  • Connectivity
    Do you want an HDMI connector? Plug-ins for your USBs? Connectivity is vital in a laptop because you are going to have to use external ports for many things. So consider what you are going to need.  
  • Performance
    There is no doubt: back in the old days 4GB of RAM was good enough. But today, you’re going to need a minimum of 8GB. Or if you’re power hungry, you can go for 16GB, or even 32GB. Consider how much RAM you need and the performance you are after for your laptop. But don’t worry, if you ever plan to do some laptop recycling, you can reuse parts of your motherboard and RAM for your next computer.
  • Price Factor
    You no doubt have a budget to factor in when it comes to buying a laptop. Take in how much you are willing to spend on your computer. If you want value for your money, so you can always consider reusing old parts to build something in your image.  
  • Is It Eco-Friendly?
    In today’s age, you have to consider if the laptop you are buying will be helpful for the environment. Is it better for you to get a used laptop? Should you consider getting parts from computer recycling and updating your own? Consider the ecosystem effects of buying a new laptop.

The Electronic Reusing Association (ERA) is a non-profit organization that has been reducing unnecessary electronic waste since 2004. Our mission is to protect the environment and build up communities by repurposing old electronics and donating computers, laptops, and other IT Equipment to deserving organizations in need of funding and support. We have drop-off locations in the US and Canada. For more information, call our Toll Free line on 1877-9EWASTE.