The Dangers Of E-Waste You Should Know About

With the rise of electronic waste (e-waste), it is essential that you understand the dangers that come with it. It is not like regular household rubbish you just throw away; it has to be managed correctly as its risks can impact you severely.

The Clear Dangers Of E-Waste

Listed below are three of the most evident dangers that come with e-waste:

  • If you do not dispose of your e-waste properly (through electronic recycling), you are leaving yourself open to theft. Data on electronic devices such as your computer, laptop, iPad and more, can be retrieved in the wrong hands. A few back-end moves can see them access data that you thought you had deleted. Only by getting data server destruction security (which includes software, hardware and physical destruction) can you secure your files before recycling.
  • People are surprised to know the types of materials and components that make up their electronic items. You can find elements such as Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Barium and Lithium. All of these materials can severely impact someone’s health if they are exposed to them. If you mishandle them, these toxins can enter the body, causing a wide range of side effects, such as organ, nerves and neurological damage.
  • Of course, one of the significant impacts of e-waste is how it affects the environment. As we mentioned above, the likes of Lead, Barium, Mercury and Lithium take a long time to breakdown. These components can leak into the soil (damaging it so it can’t be used for growing) and can find itself exposed to groundwater (contaminating it). Improper disposal, such as burning these items, can release harmful pollutants into the air, damaging our ecosystem. All of this combines to severely damage the environment. It highlights why electronic recycling is essential for your waste.

Electronic waste can have a harmful impact on our lives, our environment and on our health. That is why it is imperative that all your items are appropriately recycled through proper electronic recycling. You will be reducing the damages of your e-waste, and making the planet a safe place to live.

The Electronic Reusing Association (ERA) is a non-profit organization that has been reducing unnecessary electronic waste since 2004. Our mission is to protect the environment and build up communities by repurposing old electronics and donating computers, laptops, and other IT Equipment to deserving organizations in need of funding and support. We have drop-off locations in the US and Canada. For more information, call our Toll Free line on 1877-9EWASTE.